The Brief:

To create a book based upon a significant memory in our life. Explore the different elements of that memory, from sounds to colours, patterns and textures, considering the relationship between image and text.


The book that I produced was entitle ‘Monsoon.’ It is based on my memories of travelling in India. The concept focuses on the idea of the constant heavy monsoon rain eventually coming to an end, leaving my surroundings clear and vivid in almost a ‘euphoric’ way.

I experimented upon my own photographs with a ‘literal’ approach in using water as my main tool to distort and blur the imagery. As the book continues, the distortion lessens and the images gradually become sharp and vivid as the ‘journey’ continues. To compliment this, the typography also goes from a darkened grey, which is hard to make out to a bright white against the black background creating a flowing relationship between both the text and image.