The Brief:

D&AD National Trust

Reposition the National Trust away from its current perceived image; make it relevant to the modern visitor.
Put the Trust firmly at the centre of a drive to re-establish the importance of place in our lives. Create an integrated campaign that makes their brand stand for a positive impact on people’s relationship with nature and beauty, forever.


My campaign was based upon the idea that the only sense you cannot switch off is touch. We can cover our ears to block out sound, close our eyes to lose sight, pinch our nose to stop smelling and dull or not use our sense of taste, yet we will always experience some form of touch. It is an important part of the human psyche and can open us up to emotions and feelings like no other sense can.

I created 3D textured bark coffee cup sleeves to offer a contrast to sleek manufactured city textures, providing people with new sensations and connecting them back to nature and its beauty.

Most commuters buy a coffee in the morning on their way to work or during their lunch break, so a campaign that uses coffee cups seemed like a good vehicle to reach the target market.