The Brief:

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Reinterpret a famous Brand;
"We want you to choose a famous brand, product or service and redesign it in a breakthrough way."


A new more sophisticated, functional and professional approach that steers away from the existing design which I considered to be rather ‘childish’ and too ‘busy’.

The purpose of this re-design was to attract and appeal to the adult market who still use Pritt Sticks and have a loyalty to the brand. I identified this need after looking around at University and finding that most students still use Pritt Sticks and will continue to do so in later years, yet the current design does not suit an adult age range.

The current circular Pritt Stick shape does not allow for easy application of the glue to the very corner of a sheet of paper. Instead, it can cause people to create mess and annoyance by also being applied to the surface beneath the paper such as your desk in order for full glue coverage.

The introduction of the square design eliminates this problem by echoing the right angle of a piece of paper, therefore allowing the user to manoeuvre the Pritt Stick right to the very edge. It is a much more precise and functional design, and also would never roll off the table/desk space which is another common annoying occurrence.